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Campervan Conversions
Campervan Conversions
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Currently in Development
We have concept designs for a product that could revolutionise the camper market - reaching new levels of versatility for the family that want to enjoy the benefits of camper life.

There is probably no more versatile vehicle than a 4x4 1 tonne double cab pickup.  Perfectly useable day to day as a comfortable car, exceptional on and off road or in poor conditions and capable of towing typically 3 tonnes.

With this vehicle you can tow a boat trailer, jet skis, scramblers, a rally car... the possibilities for leisure are limited only by your imagination.

Yet one leisure pursuit limits this vehicle – the family holiday.

If you want to tow the toys, you can’t tow a caravan.   If you tow the caravan, you can’t bring the toys.  Buy a typical demount camper and place it on the back and your pickup is over width, overloaded on the axle and the road-legal rear lights are obscured – and of course you can’t tow with an EU approved tow bar!

That is, until now.  The TRL Pod is a unique design of demountable camper body suitable for all popular makes of 1 tonne pickup.  Where it is unique is in the way it doubles in size once deployed – giving the equivalent space of a full sized motorhome – yet still retains the ability to tow without being overloaded or oversized.

Even Solo you have a useable motor home at your disposal without all that extra cost!  What's more is you won't have a behemoth sitting on your driveway for most of the year as you can simply demount the camper pod and continue to use your 4x4 pickup when you're not holidaymaking. A TRL Pod means no compromise!

Perhaps best of all, the demount camper pod can be free standing, which means that when you're not using the pod it releases your pickup to get on with all the other jobs you have for it the remainder of the year.  All the benefits of a motorhome, a caravan and a utility pickup truck can be had in one 'accessory' - never compromise again.
Once deployed, the inside of the Thistle Rose Camper Pod has all the space of a medium sized coachbuilt motorhome.
Click in the 360 degree image above and drag with your mouse to look around
Our Range of Conversions
What's more is the TRL Pod isn't restricted to one vehicle type!
The Pod will fit on all the popular double cab pickups with just a small 'fitting kit' to adapt.  So you can change your pickup without replacing your demount camper!
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